TRP RC01E Center Lock Rotor (2.3mm)

We took the world by storm in 2020 by developing, racing, and winning the UCI World Cup Overall in Elite Female, the Jr. World Championships, and a Silver in Elite Men’s with our 2.3 mm rotor technology. The RS01E rotor is stronger, reduces brake fade, and lowers vibration more than any other on the market. Say goodbye to bent and noisy rotors.

  • 2.3 mm thickness
  • 203mm, 180mm diameter options
  • Center-lock attachment
  • Two-piece
  • >47% increased torsional stiffness
  • 8% better cooling capacity
  • Rotor wear indicators (minimum thickness of 1.8 mm)
  • Improved design reduces vibrations and increases stiffness and power

MSRP: 160mm- $64.99, 180mm- $69.99, 203mm- $74.99

ThumbnailSKUStock Rotor Size PriceQuantity
TRP RC01E Center Lock Rotor (2.3mm) - 203mm PARO2108 Out of Stock 203mm
TRP RC01E Center Lock Rotor (2.3mm) - 180mm PARO2106 180mm
TRP RC01E Center Lock Rotor (2.3mm) - 160mm PARO2104 160mm

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