Where can I buy TRP Brakes?

If you reside in the U.S. or Canada, you can buy TRP products direct from our U.S. warehouse by shopping with us HERE. Along with purchasing online, TRP has a dealer network of over 200 shops in the U.S. (and many more around the world), and you can always order TRP products through your local bike shop in the U.S. via Quality Bicycle Parts, BTI, Down East Bicycle Specialists, Hans Johnsen Company, HLC, J&B Imports, KHS Bicycles, Seattle Bike Supply, and Wilson Bicycle Company. We do not ship products internationally. If you reside outside the U.S. and are looking for international distributors and dealers, please visit our GLOBAL PARTNERS page to learn more.

Will you match a lower price found online?

Absolutely! Price match requests can be sent directly to info@trpcycling.com with a link to the product, or if you prefer, voiced over the phone at (801)-648-7079. We will consider the request and get back you within 48-hours with your new price matched quote. Don’t believe us? Contact us now.

What is covered by Warranty?

We offer a two year warranty against manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship from the date of original retail purchase. Not covered under this warranty is damage resulting from improper installation, adjustment or maintenance, lack of maintenance, alterations, crashes, or use judged by TRP to be excessive or abusive. If you believe your product qualifies for warranty, please contact info@trpcycling.com or speak with a live representative at (801)-648-7079.

Where can I get my TRP Brakes serviced?

Any local bike shop will have the tools and the knowledge to service our braking systems per manufactuer recommendations. Or find helpful tips for servicing your own brakes by visiting our Downloads and Service Video pages.

What mineral oil do TRP brakes use?

TRP Brakes use a specific blend of Tektro performance mineral oil that has a boiling point of 270 degrees C and a lower viscosity for better fluid flow. We offer two sizes of mineral oil which can be purchased HERE.

Where can I find replacement parts?

We supply a large range of replacement parts and options for each brake including different replacement pad compounds, different rotor sizes, and small parts to rebuild each brake. If you are interested in which parts are right for your system, please contact us at info@trpcycling.com or speak with a live representative at (801)-648-7079.