Orion 4P HD-M745

OEM Hydraulic Disc Brake featuring a 4-piston caliper. Provides powerful and controllable braking. Easy installation, adjustment and maintenance.

MSRP: $99.99

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Orion 4P HD-M745 - Left (Front) DIOR4030 Left (Front)
Orion 4P HD-M745 - Right (Rear) DIOR4020 Right (Rear)

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Rotor 1.8mm thickness
Lever Forge Aluminum Lever / Cast Aluminum Bracket
Reach Adjustment
Two-Piece Hinged Bracket
2 Finger Blade
Finish : Black

Compatible with I-spec II® & Matchmaker®
Caliper 4 Piston, Forged Aluminum Body
Easy pads replacement from top
Finish : Black
Pads Overall balance resin pad
Upload Replacement
Fluid Non-Corrosive Mineral Oil
Excellent Heat Expansion Properties
Weight Front Wheel – 251 Grams / Rear Wheel – 271 Grams
(Excludes Rotor, Adapter & Mounting Bolts)

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