Banjo Hose Kit

  • Replacement banjo style hose kit for your TRP or Tektro hydraulic disc brake.
  • Includes hose with banjo fitting, banjo bolt, o-rings, barb, olive, compression nut and cover.
  • Hose is 2000mm in length.
  • Available in black.


  • 5.5 mm: G-Spec DH-R, G-Spec DH, G-Spec Trails, E-MTB, G-Spec Slate
  • 5.0 mm: DH-R EVO, Trail EVO, Slate EVO, Quadiem, Slate T4, HD-T910
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Banjo Hose Kit - 5.5 mm PAHY1000 5.5 mm
Banjo Hose Kit - 5.0 mm PAHO1013 5.0 mm

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