Auriga E-Twin HD-E745

Twin Caliper eMTB Hydrualic Disc Brake with Cutoff Switch

*Brake comes with one standard mounting caliper and one mirrored mounting caliper.

*Rotors NOT included

MSRP: $299.99

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• Open system, 4 piston
• Sensor control designed (No connector, just 2 wires)
• Twin-calipers for tri-bike, Powerful and Durable
• #50 Ø5.5 Resistant-expansion oil hose


2.3mm thickness
Six bolt: TR-17 or TRP 2.3mm
Center lock: TR-45
Parking Lock Mechanism
4 finger ball-end lever blade
Two-piece clamp
Reach adjustment
Finish : Black
4 piston forged aluminum body
Free angle of hose connector for varied frames
2.3mm thickness rotor
Easy installation & maintenance from top
With 5.0mm pad
Finish : Black
Pads 5mm pad Q13RS

Performance & durable resin pad
Upload replacement